My first Cherokee patch

I’ve been playing with Cherokee (the light-weight web server) for a while now. I really like the way their configuration file can be managed with cherokee-admin. This is basically a secured web page that provides a convenient interface to all of Cherokees settings.
Although Cherokee is looks so great, I can’t switch the Ivaldi web server to it, because of a few problems:

  • No support for authentication against SHA1 hashed passwords from a MySQL database
  • No support for webdav/svn, we currently use Apaches mod_subversion with authentication against a MySQL database.

The first point didn’t seem so hard to fix, so I submitted a patch to the Cherokee project. The maintainer got in contact with me and let me sign a contributors agreement. I think this means that the code can be committed to their subversion repositories now.
This still leaves one problem before I can switch: webdav/svn. I don’t think I have enough knowledge to fix that. I might try to switch all our current sites to Cherokee though and keep a light-weight, trimmed down, Apache for webdav/svn.