Pinnacle DVB-T stick remote

Another post about that Pinnacle DVB-T stick? No, this one is about the remote! I wrote that the remote wasn’t completely working yet. Apparently, there is a driver for this remote or the stick that converts the buttons from the remote to “keyboard events”. Meaning I can type the number 0-9 with my remote for example. However, the “change channel” buttons appear to send a keycode that is above 255 and the X11 protocol only reserves one byte for keycodes. This means those keycodes can’t be send to the X11 server and will disappear. There’s a bug about this in the bugzillay: and their solution: Change the X11 protocol (meaning: start development on the X12 protocol) or remap those keyevents somewhere between the kernel and I think the last solution is probably the simplest. I only have to figure out how to remap those keys with hal.