HTC Hero without Sense

A few weeks ago I bought my first smartphone: The HTC Hero. It’s been a great purchase since the beginning, but I was wondering how Android would “feel” without all the HTC customizations such as the SenseUI. So, I installed an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) ROM for the Hero. It was a build of the Android 2.0.1 sources combined with the Google closed-source applications such as Gmail, Talk and Calendar. This was a really great experience, because all the features I use worked great. There was just one problem that is quite important for me: battery life. Somehow this ROM seems to drain the battery at night. When I first brought up this issue, nobody had noticed it, but quickly other people started to monitor their Hero’s and it appeared they were experiencing the same problem. I’ve switched back to the official ROM until this is solved, but you should really give this a try. The developers of the ROM did a great job!