Another step in the migration away from Google Services

Last year I switched from Gmail to Fastmail. I did this because I got fed up with the changes Google made to Gmail and because their IMAP service and the webmail client only became slower.

Well, a few weeks ago Google anounced another bitch-slap for their users: deprecating Exchange Active Sync. This basically means anybody with an Apple iOS device will need to use the Google apps in order to have push mail support and syncing contacts and calendars becomes a lot more difficult as well. To make things worse, Windows Phone users will not be able to sync their contacts or calendars at all.

I own a Windows Phone device, so I started to search for a better alternative to Fastmail (they don’t have calendars and don’t have a sync mechanism for contacts). I finally found hosted Zimbra to be a viable alternative. I opened up an account at XXL Webhosting for only € 4 a month! As an added benefit none of my email, calendar or contact information is stored in the US anymore, because this is a company based in the Netherlands.