Switched to a different Google Reader alternative: Feedbin

Last december I switched to Feed a Fever for RSS reading. I really enjoyed it, but after I while I got fed up with the fact that it didn’t work that well in Firefox on Android and in Internet Explorer on Windows Phone. After some searching I found Feedbin. A hosted RSS reader build by Ben Ubois, which looks just great. I signed up right away and tried it for three days (after that, your credit card will be charged). It didn’t take me the full three days to convince me: it works a lot better than Feed a Fever and I don’t need to host it myself.

There is a mobile interface as well, which works great on FIrefox for Android and pretty good on Internet Explorer for Windows Phone. The most annoying problem is the fact that Microsoft decided @font-face was not worth implementing on Windows Phone, which means the icon font that is used for all the icons shows just blank squares. After using Feedbin for an hour, you’ll know all these by heart though.