Reduce number of Jira notification mails

The past few months I’ve been fine-tuning a mail filter to reduce the amount of Jira notification mails I receive in my inbox. Last year Atlassian already improved the experience quite a bit, but I still get a lot of notifications I don’t care about.

Notification I do care about

I only care about notifications for me being mentioned or assigned. Furthermore I want to read comments on issues I watch and new issues that are created with me as the assignee.


The solution I’ve made is quite simple. It relies on a filter rule that is applied to incoming emails:

  1. Filter mails from the Jira email address.
  2. Make sure they do not contain one of these words:
    • mentioned
    • assigned
    • comment
    • created
  3. Let them be moved to the trash.

I’m quite happy with how well this works. It has removed a lot of noise from my inbox.